Wig Accessories

We are present a high-quality Hair Wig Accessories for men Wigs and women wigs. Wig care is important to extend the life of your wig and hair toupee. Avaniwigs offers an assortment of hair products and accessories for human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. You will find our assortment of Tapes, Glue & Solvents to properly attach your men’s or women’s hairpiece on securely. These accessories are used for attaching and removing hair systems. Ultra-hold glue is the best adhesive for attaching hair wig and the C-22 solvent is best for removal of hair patch or system. To make your wig more comfortable and to take proper wig care, you can buy many wig accessories, so that you can extend the life of your new hairpiece. Good quality toupee needs good care. In this way we offer our customers many high quality wing accessories such as no-shine tape, hair patch clips, C-22 solvents, scalp protectors, vapon no-tape, front fee tapes, ultra-held glues and ghost bonds.

The Walker Tape Company makes all this hair wig accessories. Walker Tape Company is very respected and approved by the FDA. These hair wigs are considered accessories and the company’s experts prepare the walker tape. Which confirm these accessories are safe to use and are supreme in quality, Wig care, specially developed for the safety of natural hair and scalp Durable and strong attachment, and easy to wear and painless, remove the wig. We can also create wig accessories for your specific requirement or demand. You can increase the stability of your wig using these hi wig accessories. We have gum, hair wig clips and tapes for all skin types like dry skin, sensitive skin, and oily skin. Our services department supplies to all your special requirements.