Hair Wig Adhesive

We provide the all type hair wigs adhesive in Delhi and India. Wig adhesive, or wig glue, is a bonding agent that stylists use to adhesive a wig or other type of hairpiece to the head. While the adhesive can comfort you achieve a more natural looking style. Some people want long-lasting bond for their hairpiece. This product is for use with long wear attachment only.

Ultra Hold Adhesive

They will definitely love our Ultra Hold Wig adhesive, which provides extended strength and security to the user. Made of waterproof. A liquid adhesive lasts approximately four to six weeks. The wig glue adhesive provides a very strong bond for extended wear. Not recommended for daily wear. This product is a lace wig glue and available with a brush-on applicator that make its custom easy. This lightweight wing glue not only secures your hairpiece for extended period but also gives you freedom to live freely with your stylish wig.

Ghost Bond Adhesive

Following the success of our Ghost Bond adhesive Pro Hair Labs, the following has sophisticated and developed your solution to bring you Bond Bond XL. This unique hair adhesive is specially designed to protect against excessive moisture or sweat, and the melting point is higher than regular wig adhesive solutions, which makes your hair feel cold, it does not matter how hot it is, and how hot it becomes. Ghost Bond XL offers a great resolution to keep your confidence high and maintain peace of mind. Expert has been developed to be incredibly high performance by chemists, while still being kind to your scalp; you cannot go wrong with Ghost Bond XL

Vopon No Tape

A therapeutically safe, contact gel adhesive. Can be applied to tab content on existing tape or hairpiece tape. Vapor No Tape Liquid Adhesive Vapor No Tape Silicone-based adhesive provides a very strong bond for extended wear. This is not for daily change. Lace and polyurethane hair are very good for processing on both systems. Apply on the hair and hatpiece track to the track and allow drying. Attach the hide pike to the attachment track on the hair. For partial, perimeter, or full sour binding, it is applying directly for the skull. Usually the periphery bond keeps for 4-6 weeks.

A liquid adhesive hold up to four to six weeks, adhesive strips stays for two to three weeks. What type of adhesive will you use, depends on your lifestyle and personal preference.