Men Hair Patch fixing

We provide full service at Avani Wig House for Men Hair Patch fixing, Hair Wigs services. Our expertise in hair patches, hair wigs, wig accessories, our styling haircuts provides an exceptional experience.

If you are in Delhi or in the surrounding area, we suggest scheduling an appointment and visiting our Avani Wig House. The culture of hair fixing will amaze you. Our skilled advisers are friendly, kind and very experienced. We do not keep secrets from you about wig maintenance and care. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service, quality products and knowledge to our customers.

What to expect during a wig consultation?

  1. Compassionate and personal service.
  2. Various types of patch classification, style and colours readily available to try.
  3. A complete description of wigs, pieces and how-to-do maintenance.
  4. We are honest with our customers.

These wigs change completely your looks in your personal fit, style, color, texture and density. Custom wigs require a consultation so that an expert can take measurements, learn your specifications, and design your wig.

Please keep in mind that the wigs last longer and are comfortable with proper care. Our consultations connect our clients with their personal hair style requirements.